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Words about me

A cloud of important words about me

Leadership. People. Vision. Team. Execution. Technology. Communication. Planning. Strategy.

Any list of truly important words would be painful to shorten to just those nine or ten that really matter. Editing this list is even more so since I’ve chosen these as words that represent me as an IT Manager.

Considered leadership sets us apart from being blind followers.
We leverage technology and other tools, but ultimately, it gets done because people do it.
I provide the people in my teams with a vision; without it, how do they know where they’re going? (read more)
Building high-performing teams takes effort, practice and a plan. (read more)
What’s your overall goal? Does the strategy you designed support it?
Planning follows a process for achieving your goals.
Get it done.
It’s not just about broadcasting, it’s also about listening and ensuring your message was clearly received.
Apply the knowledge, craft, skill, art and tools for a practical purpose.

That, in a little more than a nutshell, describes who I am as a technical leader and manager.

To learn more, read my postings on these and other subjects or contact me to learn more via email.

Thank you! I look forward to hearing from you.