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A Different Diversity

Diversity in the workplace isn’t just about people, backgrounds, ideas and knowledge. Nor is it also just about inclusion. Let’s talk about server operating systems (OS). We all know that having multiple server operating systems (Windows, Solaris, RedHat, AIX, SCO,… (read more)

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A case for condensing fix/test cycles

A while back I posted on the strategy of changing only one variable at a time when working to resolve an incident and determine root cause. I’m amazed at how much discipline it takes to implement this simple strategy. If… (read more)

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Connect in some way

I’d already been heavily involved in Unix/Linux for nearly twenty years by the time I found myself assigned as the leader/manager of the Windows Engineering team. Even some of my closest colleagues scoffed when they heard the news. How could… (read more)

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One variable at a time

For the past five weeks I’ve been troubleshooting an issue I encountered when I added a well-known hard drive manufacturer’s drive to my system. It’s taking so long partly because it requires seven-to-ten days to reproduce, but also because there… (read more)

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