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Three top Leadership skills

There are dozens of skills that every leader should develop and each assumes a different importance in a different situation. So picking three top ones is a risky task but one I was asked to perform recently. Here’s an expanded… (read more)

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Connect in some way

I’d already been heavily involved in Unix/Linux for nearly twenty years by the time I found myself assigned as the leader/manager of the Windows Engineering team. Even some of my closest colleagues scoffed when they heard the news. How could… (read more)

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Nurture Leadership

I saw a phrase recently about the need to “nurture leadership”. The article was about a centuries-old institution that is in decline for reasons that are complex. And while I may find a way to tie the institution and the… (read more)

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Without a vision . . .

Successfully communicating a vision to your people can make the difference between a lethargic, apathetic group and an energized, motivated one. Where there is no vision, the people perish.

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The value of a badge

Last night my son and daughter and I attended an Eagle award ceremony—a double Eagle award ceremony—two Scouts from the same Troop being awarded the rank of Eagle Scout on the same evening. For readers who aren’t familiar with Scouting,… (read more)

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Breaking up the team

Last month I wrote about Team Development and the four stages a team goes through reaching high levels of performance. There are some who would add a fifth stage, Adjourning, that would follow the previous four. This stage covers what… (read more)

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Lead Diligently

I read a lot. I read to find answers, to receive encouragement and to stay sharp. I read old things and new things, popular material and hard-to-find stuff. Yesterday I was reading a particularly ancient text which says (in part):… (read more)

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Accidental Leaders

Michael Norton over at Doc on Dev brings up some interesting points today in his post on leaders. I’d like to focus on just one. “Leaders are chosen”, he says, and he’s right. A person can be assigned to your team… (read more)

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