Three top Management skills

Similar to top leadership skills, a list of three top management skills may depend more on the situation than anything else. So picking three top ones remains a risky task but yet one I was asked to perform recently.

Here’s an expanded version of how I responded:

Accomplishing business goals
If we’re not supporting the business with our IT solutions, we need to re-evaluate the work.
I can’t emphasize this enough. If your IT projects and infrastructure aren’t supporting the business in some real way, reconsider them.
This is tricky when evaluating needed upgrades (e.g., to stay current) but it usually becomes clearer when thinking about how the business goals falter when the upgrade doesn’t take place.
Devising and implementing systems and structure
By creating repeatable processes, we improve our efficiency and our ability to operate and we contribute savings toward the bottom line.
Far from advocating strict Taylorism (turning technologists into machines who only follow repeatable processes), I rather tend more Gilbreth, making “processes more efficient by reducing the motions [steps] involved”.1 See my post on superficial diversity to get more of my thoughts on this subject.
Conversely, I would also argue that knowing when to dismantle systems and structures (and then doing it!) is a top skill that managers all need to deploy on occasion.
Implementing things correctly
After leadership determines what the right thing is, managers see to it that the thing is done right.
Leadership and management are not two distinct entities, but complementary skills, frequently in the same individual.

These are just three skills of dozens that a manager needs to employ from time to time and you undoubtably have others.

What are three toward the top of your list?

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