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Yes, and . . .

How many times have you said “Yes” to a request, only to regret it later? Many of us like to please our coworkers (and especially our bosses), but always saying “Yes” to a request puts you on the fast-track to… (read more)

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High Authority / Low Responsibility

Leading up to this last week’s post on the Responsibility/Authority Ratio, I was challenged to think about a special (and unlikely) case of responsibility/authority imbalance: high authority and low responsibility. I agree with @IAmRoot that few would admit to being… (read more)

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Responsibility/Authority Ratio

It’s not uncommon for me to hear the lament that someone (usually the person lamenting) has too much responsibility. On closer examination, however, I frequently find what’s really happened: They have been given too little authority. Their responsibility level is… (read more)

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