Three top Leadership skills

There are dozens of skills that every leader should develop and each assumes a different importance in a different situation. So picking three top ones is a risky task but one I was asked to perform recently.

Here’s an expanded version of how I responded:

Inspiring shared vision

Shared vision

With a shared vision, everyone pulls in the same direction. When this happens, less energy and time are wasted on unessential work—everyone’s efforts are aligned in support of achieving this goal.

When the right vision is shared, something in alignment with an organization’s business goals, the financial and transformational results can be fantastic.
And this is one aspect of what a high-performing team looks like.
Determining the “what” and the “why”
Leadership concerns itself with figuring out what the “right thing” is and why it needs to be. From there, managers see to it that the thing is done right.
This isn’t to say that Leaders and Managers are two distinct entities, but that they are complimentary skills and very powerful when found in the same individual.
And understanding both the what and the why are important elements in inspring that shared vision.
Picture Frame


Even within frameworks, structures or severe restrictions, it’s possible to see things anew and be creative inside the boundaries.

Imagine the sonnet, a poem of set length, a strict rhyme scheme and specific structure. Can anyone truly say that all innovation in this genre has ceased?
How different is your corporation with its technology standards, tight budgets and organizational hierarchy?

These are just three skills of dozens that a leader needs to employ from time to time.

What are three toward the top of your list?

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