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5 Reasons Why Not to Use Your Work Computer to Do Your Personal Taxes

You don’t have local admin. TurboTax requires1 it and you probably don’t have it, nor should you. Admins take away local admin because users frequently don’t look before clicking and because users install things they shouldn’t, possibly introducing malware or putting their organizations at… (read more)

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Know when to STOP

After a frustrating day at work dealing with a repeat of a problem from this past spring, I related some of the situation to my crew of hecklers advisers at the dinner table: A software package common to all our… (read more)

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Sharing the vision

We spent a good part of a day at the GCC National Youth Leadership Training course last week talking about “Sharing the Vision”. There was so much presented throughout the week that I doubt many of the 48 participants got more… (read more)

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More thoughts on the stages of Team Development

From my 2016 NYLT notes: Day 3 Adults frequently try to start at Performing while still actively Norming. So when Storming hits, it can be quite explosive.   Team individuals (vs true team members) who are accomplished (practiced? mature? aware?)… (read more)

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You’re sick, never mind the details…

As a manager, I occasionally hear variations on the “I’m sick and not coming in today” statement from my employees. Sometimes it’s a simple cold, other times it’s not. Sometimes it comes with much too much information. I’m not sure… (read more)

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Vendors: Superheroes or Villains?

As the lead IT guy in a small engineering firm, I get to deal with a lot of vendors. Vendors fill in my gaps: things like knowledge, skills, tools, hours and expertise. Really good vendors become my partners, my superheroes.… (read more)

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Picard management tip: Used sparingly, some light swearing can help emphasize your damn point. — Picard Tips (@PicardTips) June 9, 2013

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Classical or Jazz?

I have long wanted to write a post on leadership using elements from Chain of Command, a pair of episodes from the Star Trek: The Next Generation series, but have struggled on where to start1—there’s just so much material to choose… (read more)

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Why? — a short follow-up

I successfully finished a ISO 9001 class last week on being a lead auditor and during the training was reminded of an easy technique for getting to the root cause of some types of problems we face, including as systems administrators.… (read more)

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On Walking as a Leadership Trait

One of my favorite leaders during my time at KeyCorp was a walker. He’d catch us early in the morning as he walked around the 6th floor. There were certainly faster or shorter ways to get to his office, but… (read more)

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