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Ban “Interesting”

Let’s ban the word “interesting” (at least for a while). Think about it for a moment. When was the last time you used the word when it actually1 meant something? “What did you think about the incident management presentation?”“Oh, it… (read more)

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Three top Business skills

Similar to top leadership skills and top management skills, top business skills may depend more on the situation than anything else. So picking three top ones (not the top three ones) remains a risky task but yet one I was… (read more)

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In their cube

Seth Godin’s post on Empathy sat me down to pound out this post on something I did frequently while managing IT Teams at a previous employer. Very simple but unconventional. I’d sit at their desks. That might sound creepy, so… (read more)

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Top Posts and Commenters for February 2011

In case you missed one or more of these, here are this blog’s top five posts during the month of February 2011.

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More than a resume

A resume (mine in pdf) can only say so much about someone.

The posts on this site are intended to give you additional insight into my professional side: who I am, what I think and how I make decisions. If you’re looking for an experienced Information Technology Leader and Manager to lead a technical group of people in your organization, keep on reading.

You’ll learn about my management styles, the importance I place on leadership, my strategies for team development and the kind of written communication you can expect when you hire me.

I encourage you to read my posts, follow me on Twitter, add my RSS to your reader (or follow via email) and get a sense of how I think about leadership, management and things that make a difference to companies that use technology to achieve their business goals.

When you’re ready, please contact me via email (). Continue reading

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Theory and Experience

The torch of theory must illuminate the lessons of experience. André Roubo, 1790

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Lead Diligently

I read a lot. I read to find answers, to receive encouragement and to stay sharp. I read old things and new things, popular material and hard-to-find stuff. Yesterday I was reading a particularly ancient text which says (in part):… (read more)

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Unexpected Slack

I’m re-reading Tom DeMarco’s Slack again at the moment, this time with the purpose of providing a thorough review for the bookshelf. It’s such a good book, it might take me several entries to get it all covered. Right now, though,… (read more)

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Dear Readers:

Management. Leadership. Administration. Hiring (and Firing). Performance reviews. Interviews. Teams (building, growing, leading). Projects. Managing up, Managing “down”. Authority. Responsibility. Communication. Delegation. Career growth. The list goes on and on.

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A Beginning

Every blog must have a first post—this is that obligatory first one that must be published so the rest may follow.

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