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Virtual Lunches?

Joel Spolsky takes on an important topic in his post today on lunches and I share with him a firm belief in the value of intentionally sharing a meal. It can be an important tool in your work-life balancing act. It can… (read more)

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Work-life balance

Work-life balance may not always be completely obtainable. But it will never start to tip the way you want unless you take charge of making some changes yourself. The graphic I chose for today shows a teeter totter wobbling in… (read more)

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All I Really Need to Know (about management) I Learned From my Toddler

Over the years I’ve learned quite a lot from being my toddler’s Dad. Here are some of the things I’ve been able to adopt and put into practice in my role as a leader and manager of technical people. Ask… (read more)

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Keep it simple, make it fun

I’ve received dozens of performance reviews over the years and yet only really one stands out. What made it different? It took place over a pair of ice cream floats at a quiet, private table in a restaurant near our… (read more)

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Lingering at the table

Stanley Ott has another great post over at VCI this month. He encourages us to slow down over our meals to create “leisurely times of conversation and mutual encouragement.” Building team-friendly environments One of my favorite ways to build an… (read more)

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A Charles Dickens Management Lesson

In Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, a ghost grants Ebenezer Scrooge the chance to look back into his past and see a company holiday party that Fezziwig, his employer at the time, threw one year. Scrooge observes Fezziwig and his… (read more)

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