Top Posts and Commenters for March 2011

Word Cloud provided by

Word Cloud provided by

In case you missed one or more of these, here are this blog’s top ten posts based on traffic during the month of March 2011.

I didn’t blog as much in March as I did in February, but I was surprised at how the word cloud changed in one month.

I have a slate of posts lined up for April, so keep an eye out for them!

Top Posts

  1. Emacs versus vi
  2. All I Really Need to Know (about management) I Learned From my Toddler
  3. The value of a badge
  4. Removing Roadblocks
  5. Innovation within the boundaries
  6. In their cube
  7. Keep it simple, make it fun
  8. Responsibility/Authority Ratio
  9. True Top-Down Org Charts
  10. Stages of Team Development

Top Commenters

I had planned to list top commenters, but there doesn’t seem to be a developed trend at this time. Most commenters do so one time on a subject that means something to them. Perhaps we’ll see a trend take shape in the future.

Thanks for reading the posts and thanks for commenting!

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