More thoughts on the stages of Team Development

From my 2016 NYLT notes:

Day 3

Adults frequently try to start at Performing while still actively Norming. So when Storming hits, it can be quite explosive.


Team individuals (vs true team members) who are accomplished (practiced? mature? aware?) at being team members can navigate these stages faster than those with less experience being on teams.

Navigate, but not always completing the stages. Not fully transformed to the stage.

(Actors with really good script writers can do this well, too.)


[One] role of the Leader is to guide the team through [the stages of team development] quickly and sufficiently [for the situation]. Not always thoroughly, but sufficiently.

A short-lived team doesn’t need to be completely stormed out. Masking conflict (for a time) can be acceptable.


Introspection can help move the individual along, but it’s largely masking the true stage or growth/progression of the individual.


The whole team needs to reach the [Storming phase], together. Otherwise, there are cells of quiet, with flare ups all around.

Read an early post on the Stages of Team Development. More than five years later I find that it still holds up well, but could use an update.

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