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You’re sick, never mind the details…

As a manager, I occasionally hear variations on the “I’m sick and not coming in today” statement from my employees. Sometimes it’s a simple cold, other times it’s not. Sometimes it comes with much too much information. I’m not sure… (read more)

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Crabby Managers

I’ve been a bit crabby at work recently so when I saw this classic Peanuts strip from June 13th, 1965, I had a flash of insight into my own situation. Lucy, wearing dark shades, walks first into a fence (wump!), then… (read more)

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Worst Organizational Announcement email

At a previous employer it was not uncommon to send out “Organizational Announcement” emails from time to time. Sometimes it was a re-org, others a promotion, but frequently it was a resignation or transfer. In these cases it was customary… (read more)

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Escalate early, Escalate often

Coworkers and colleagues might remember one of my phrases: “Escalate early, Escalate often”. Today I got to use it anew and explain it to my current group of coworkers and colleagues. Escalation In short, escalation gets you needed resources when… (read more)

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Think about the next three

My company recently purchased three shiny new 1U1 servers, some new network and SAN equipment and a new rack to house everything. Just about as close to a true greenfield situation as you’ll find. And while it’s easy to install… (read more)

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Three top Management skills

Similar to top leadership skills, a list of three top management skills may depend more on the situation than anything else. So picking three top ones remains a risky task but yet one I was asked to perform recently. Here’s an… (read more)

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When “Free” upsets your model

When something is free (free as in beer, not free as in speech1), how many of us are tempted to over-consume? What if we’re separated from the true cost of something by policy or tradition? Do we find ourselves over-consuming something… (read more)

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Connect in some way

I’d already been heavily involved in Unix/Linux for nearly twenty years by the time I found myself assigned as the leader/manager of the Windows Engineering team. Even some of my closest colleagues scoffed when they heard the news. How could… (read more)

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In their cube

Seth Godin’s post on Empathy sat me down to pound out this post on something I did frequently while managing IT Teams at a previous employer. Very simple but unconventional. I’d sit at their desks. That might sound creepy, so… (read more)

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All I Really Need to Know (about management) I Learned From my Toddler

Over the years I’ve learned quite a lot from being my toddler’s Dad. Here are some of the things I’ve been able to adopt and put into practice in my role as a leader and manager of technical people. Ask… (read more)

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