Dear Readers:

Management. Leadership. Administration. Hiring (and Firing). Performance reviews. Interviews. Teams (building, growing, leading). Projects. Managing up, Managing “down”. Authority. Responsibility. Communication. Delegation. Career growth. The list goes on and on.

As I plan out, draft and publish the posts you read on these pages, it’s very easy for one to blend into the next (and the next and the next). The topics, while distinct, are almost all interrelated.

So keep reading along and keep sending me comments (either in the posts themselves or privately to JeffreyGifford (at) gmail (dot) com ). I’ll be certain to engage. Let me know if you’d like to see something specific. Tell me if you disagree with something. Ask for a deeper dive into something I’ve already written. Please let me know what you think.

And thank you for reading.


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3 Responses to Dear Readers:

  1. Jon says:


    Great job, keep it up. I only wish that the rss feed showed complete articles.

    • Jon-

      Thanks for following! I’m glad this is valuable to you.

      I’ll see if there’s an option to allow for the whole post to show up in RSS. As a reader, I agree with you. As an author, it helps to track impressions.

      I’ll look into it a little more.

    • Jon-

      Please let me know if I fixed your concern with the RSS feed — I believe it shows complete articles now.