Accidental Leaders

Michael Norton over at Doc on Dev brings up some interesting points today in his post on leaders. I’d like to focus on just one.

“Leaders are chosen”, he says, and he’s right. A person can be assigned to your team as a leader or even self-appointed as a leader, but unless the followers choose to follow, there’s not much leading going on.

Sometimes you don’t even know you’re a leader until one day you turn to look beside you and behind you and see others following.

And that doubly underscores why each and every one of us must present to those around us who would be followers something worthy of following. Behavior that is admirable. Work habits that are worth emulating. Sticking up for the truth. Being right when it counts (even when it’s unpopular). Pursuing excellence. Character worth reflecting. Doing our best. Being prepared.

Everyone can lead. Are you worth following?

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