Lead Diligently

I read a lot. I read to find answers, to receive encouragement and to stay sharp. I read old things and new things, popular material and hard-to-find stuff.

Yesterday I was reading a particularly ancient text which says (in part):

We have different gifts. If your gift is to lead, do it diligently.

Diligence is showing care and conscientiousness in one’s actions and responsibilities. It’s not shirking an obligation (in this case, to lead). It can frequently be found alongside earnest and consistent effort. Diligence goes beyond being busy or even engaged. Diligence has a special dedication to what is being done. It suggests enjoyment of the task.

That’s quite a lot packed into a single word. And the opposite of diligence?


Are you leading diligently?

I didn’t know until I started poking around for this posting that Diligence is one of the seven heavenly virtues in Catholic catechism. That seems appropriate.

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